The Clarion Call to Worship program is the brainchild of Ronald J. Kunselman. It is spawned out of my desire to see true and lasting reformation in Christ’s church and the revolution that this will generate in individual souls, international societies, and everything in between. I believe that our culture, and especially our churches, have been undermined to their very foundations, in doctrine, practice, and leadership. The only corrective to this condition is the recovery of the whole counsel of God and the reassertion of a robust Gospel in our homes and churches. Christ promises His people the success of this mission (Matt. 28:20), and the Clarion Call to Worship is, I pray, one small but significant contribution to that end.

If you would like to find out more about me personally, please check out my resume. As a recently minted ambitious and idealistic graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (ThM) and The Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (MDiv), I am currently looking for the church to which the Lord is calling me to pastor. Although it has been a great privilege to contribute to the Kingdom of God through this website, it is my true desire is to pastor and preach, teach and serve, as a pastor or associate pastor in a like-minded local congregation. Please feel free to contact me or pass along my information to any who might be interested.

The worship guides and resources are the first of several projects on which I am working, with the goal of restoring Christian competence and evangelical excellence to contemporary faith and life. Please check in occasionally, as I hope to advance (albeit slowly) these endeavors and make them available.

As you grow in your Christian faith and calling, I hope that you find these guides helpful and enjoy this website, and if you should like to contact me, please do so. I very much appreciate hearing from my readers.

Good regards and God bless,

Ronald J. Kunselman